Friday, November 14, 2014

Isaac the Phoenix Award Winner

Yay Isaac! 
You won this month's Phoenix Award from the principal.
Once a month one deserving student from each grade is chosen to be recognized in front of the school. You were chosen last year too. Steven checked his email luckily this morning to let me know we could go in for it. Good timing because I usually have to rush home to get Clara but she came early. 
This is what your teacher wrote. 

I wanted to let you know that I have chosen Issac as our Phoenix award winner this month.  It is a well deserved award as Issac always tries his very best.

The ceremony is this morning during announcements.  I am so sorry this is such late notice but I have been sick this week and I forgot. Please let me know is you can't make it and I will capture the moment for you:)

Thank you,
Mrs. Mazzei

We had a conference with her for the last grading period. She said you can start out each week with the harder spelling list because you need more of a challenge. She said you are not adraid to raise your hand and pay attention so you can answer her questions. You had a couple of red disruption remarks with the good green ones a couple of weeks in a row but now they are all 100% positive. You are a smart good kiddo. I love you my Isaac. 

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