Friday, September 12, 2014

Pink Flamingos

I like to run in my neighborhood. It is more of a light jog. I meet new neighbors. I like love the skies, turn the corner, then love the skies all over again. I really stop and smell the roses. (I am not a fast runner.)
Look at this tangled tree.
My hair is out of control! I got it cut 2 days later. 
I love these pink flamingos! This pesticide company is missing the boat though, their logo/website/QR code/or at least name should be on them! I'd switch to a company who put pink flamingos in my yard over one that just puts ugly white ovals or rectangles in it. I might even consider hiring a company although I don't want pesticides in my yard! What a missed marketing idea. There are two houses in my neighborhood who actually have the pink flamingo yard ornaments. I've made friends with both so when Julia sits on her own, I'm going to do a Florida photo op in their yards! It's so fun having a girl. 
Also I love the resources in my neighborhood. I took the blessing dress in front of an abandoned door. I took some slats of a fence that had been disassembled and had been laying by the curb for a couple of weeks and fixed my neighbor's fence where it was missing some. I took some 2x4s so Steven can do a tools cub scout requirement with his Wolves. I am going to do the flamingo silly photo op soon, and I'm loving the resources my neighborhood has to offer! Random I know. 

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