Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Cards Display

I feel so loved.
I did not get one from my mom, but maybe she thought I kept one for myself since I did them for her. 
The winner, as if it were a contest, is by my step-brother. It completes all of my "best Christmas cars" check list. Mine did not even have the year this time! They have their letter and family photo on the back.
I thought Baby Clara fit so well in a snow globe so put her inside w/o asking. I love the color on the back images too. I love them all but here are some that stood out. Stunning in style, color, and size: 
Creative because it came in two parts from Afghanistan and Oklahoma, you would have to see the other side too: 
Really cool from a client (they did not use me this year and I love that they still send me cards anyway.) So fun! 
More clients, I like the colors and how they blended with their beautiful families and outfits (which you can't see on this iphone pic, sorry. There are a lot of cards with Fishy Face portraits. So cool that I am a big part of spreading holiday cheer. 
 Lacey's looks like a magazine cover. 
I just got one from my Grandma Millie. That was really unexpected since she passed away. The included Christmas letter explained (by her daughter) that she had signed the cards a couple of months ago so we would know she was thinking of us. Wow. 
Happy New Year! 
P. S. I just found 4 more cards to put up before taking them down. 

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