Friday, January 4, 2013

NYE, welcome 2013!

 On New Year's Eve, I had all 6 kids over. Luiz and Barbie came over for a while in the morning. Luiz gave all 6 kids presents! Awesome! He's a good uncle to his real nephews/nieces and a good one to our kids too. Noah asked if he could go in the pool. It was a warm day so I said yes. I didn't think he'd really do it. But once he got his swimsuit on, I knew he would. He did his usual happy dance first, then jumped right in. Luiz was more worried about the kids than I was. Like he moved Ivy out of the way of one of the kids' swinging/dangling feet by the swing set.
 Noah went back in though.

 And so did Malia.
After nap time, we had "kid midnight" and watched the ball drop (youTube from last year) at 9:30pm with my kids at my mom's house. She gets youTube on her big TB. They watched "Hook" and I was able to put Tyler to bed there. He slept through the night and Dylan and Isaac slept on the couch bed. 
I met up with "The New Fegers" after they had gone to Bone Fish Grill for dinner. I got dressed up for the occassion. Darren dressed down since we weren't going out and he was planning on a sleep over. We all put  hats on and had a fun dance party. Andre spun me 'til we both fell over!
And lit Andre's Christmas tree on fire.

Barbie cooked, as usual. Yummy!

Happy New Year!!

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