Friday, September 21, 2012

Dylan's 1st day of 1st Grade

Dylan was excited. The boys both got free hair cuts at JC Penney that week before. 
Our whole family walked Dylan into his classroom. He gave his teacher an apple in croched "apple socks" that my friend made. Ok, just one apple sock, but it sounds better when there are more than one. It keeps the apple from getting banged up when you put it in your lunch box or purse. His teacher is fun and loud and I requested her. She is actually not the same kind of friendly that I am. She isn't engaging with me and only gives one word answers. I figure that's good b/c she probably is so fun yet demands respect and keeps order in her class. She seems like she likes things done certain ways and is really organized. I offered to put something on her desk that I had brought in (a blender for the art teacher) and she said that she could do it. That's weird to me b/c her hands were full and I could have helped her out. I hope to find ways to volunteer so I can find a way to be her helper.
 Dylan got right to work. I wanted to linger but Steven had us leave the kids alone.

Back at home, Isaac became my little shadow again like he did when Dylan started Kindergarten. I wasn't feeling well so Tyler and I took a nap. I wanted to be fun for Isaac, but instead he was bored and felt left out. Luckily, a package from my Aunt Tina came!! She sent me some old pictures and letters that were at my grandma Gille's house. She decided to pack a big box full of awesome fun for my boys! She had lots of activity books, trinkets, silly putty, toys, crafts, frogs, etc. I told Isaac it was for him. He was SO happy. It could not have come on a better day. And, I had the kids write her a thank you note for "homework" that evening so we could practice getting into that routine. They didn't mind.
 They LOVED the box of fun. I loved that when I asked Dylan about his first day of school and Isaac looked pouty and left out again, I asked him about his day next. I reminded him about the mail and the tables turned. Dylan was then jealous of Isaac. They played well together.

So it may not have been as eventful of Dylan's first day of Kindergarten at that school, but it was memorable too. (My water broke when I stepped out of the car to drop Dylan off.)

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