Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac has already hit!

The couches are overturned, they're working on making a mess. Of course those beads were soon sprinkled all around these boys. They, for cleaning them up when asked, they assumed they could get a treat from Isaac's job jar. 
Isaac wears those cowboy pants daily. But sometimes he refers to them as his "rippy pirate pants." 
Dylan is back in school, so these boys feel the need to wreck the house by themselves. They're so good at it. They do clean well too. Noah wants me to be happy and asks (too much) where things go and if he can do things. Sweet boys! 
Also, Tyler took his first steps today. He went from a sitting (or maybe kneeling) position to stand right up and walk once to the end table and once to the couch. I saw one w/ Corrie and she confirmed when I second guessed what I had just seen, then Steven saw it this evening. Tyler will deny it though, he's in denial.
Isaac came down stairs after nap time. I asked if he slept and he hesitantly nodded. I knew better. A little while later he asked me to go look at his room. I was worried. Then I walked in to a proud little Isaac. The winds have changed. While Noah slept on Dylan's bed, Isaac cleaned his room, complete with bundling some blankets:) Random, but a nice touch. He also hung up some shirts on the knobs of his dresser. (He can not reach the rod in his closet.) He asked me to call Daddy to tell him. I think it hurt his feelings when I told Corrie that he was a mess maker/hurricane Isaac. He loved the positive attention and knows he made good decisions. 

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Aunt Kat said...

I thought I had read this post, but I was wrong! Yay for Tyler's first steps! And I saw this picture and immediately thought it was odd that Isaac wrecked the living room but the picture was of Dylan. The short hair still throws me for a loop! :) SO fun that Tropical Storm Isaac hit in reverse today and cleaned for you. What a good kid!