Friday, April 5, 2013

A gross cool first for Tyler

I laughed at both times Tyler pooped on the carpet today.

I actually praised him for going poo poo. What's wrong w/ me? I want him to know what he's doing since I put him on the potty before his bath and he fights me, then I see him standing in the tub and he pees but doesn't skip a beat. I thought he didn't notice when/if he was going.

The pottying on the carpet was a first. (And second.) He wanted his diaper off. He went in the corner to poo both times, once I wasn't paying attention. The first time, I was on the phone but couldn't multi-task and handle Tyler when I noticed he might be wanting to squat. Steven said it was painful to try to listen to me talk to him and talk to Tyler since I wasn't making any sense talking to either. So I gave up trying to ask the "no no no" squaking Tyler if he wanted to go poo poo. I think I have a little puppy who might be ready for potty training! I didn't use potty chairs for the others. I take that back, I bought one for Dylan, but it seemed pointless and gross. I took a cute picture or two of him sitting there, so I did use it as a photo prop. But maybe I should get one for the corner and let Tyler potty train himself. A naked potty trained stubborn cute baby would be awesome!

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